Wedding Planner - Month 8


Religious backgrounds of both bride and groom will dictate a lot when planning a ceremony. If you and your groom are from different religious backgrounds you may want to incorporate elements of both religions into your ceremony. After all, a marriage is the joining of two people and their backgrounds, customs and families. Be open with family members when it comes to planning the ceremony and anything sentimental. Encourage discussions whenever possible. 

Your wedding program is a great way to personalize your ceremony. Here are some suggestions for planning a ceremony that's straight from the heart:

  • Choose music and biblical readings or verses that have particular meaning to you and your fiancé, or to the family. 
  • Share unique family stories about yourselves with your priest, rabbi, or minister. 
  • Invite special friends or loved ones to participate as lectors, ushers ormusicians. 
  • Write your own vows. 
  • Explain in the program, your relationship to each member of your wedding party. This allows all of your guests to know your wedding party a little bit better. 
  • Remember deceased relatives in the ceremony or with a special note or poem. 
  • Write a special thank-you to your guests and family members for bringing you together and for sharing in your joy. 
  • Family heirlooms such as wedding gowns, jewelry or linens are a wonderful way to make your wedding one to cherish. 


Wedding cake designs, like wedding dresses, come in varied styles-contemporary, Victorian, floral-inspired and traditional. Choosing the cake design perfect for your wedding is not difficult. The Wilton collection of bridal cake books is a wonderful source of ideas and designs to help you select the cake of your dreams. Each includes decorating directions to provide to your baker.

You can also get inspiration from bridal magazines and wedding publications. Looking through wedding books will help you focus on the design you want, matched to your theme and color.

Wedding cakes are available through many sources-the caterer for your reception, your favorite bakery, a professional decorator. Shop around! Pick a reputable source and trust them to provide you with ideas and examples of cakes to choose from; or take a more personalized approach and provide your own cake design. Supply such basic information as the size cake you will need (number of servings) and reception site and time. Ask about price, especially if you are providing the design, and if a deposit is required. Inquire if different flavors and fillings are available.