Wedding Planner - Month 2


There's nothing more fun for a bride who is knee-deep in planning and organizing than going to a shower in her honor. Here are some ideas you can pass along to your shower hosts if they are in need of some creative themes.

Room-to-Room Shower

Each guest is given a room in the house and her gift is to be used in that room. This is a great way to get a variety of gifts.

Around-the-Clock Shower

Each guest is given a time of day and her gift is to be used at that time. For instance, 9:00 am could be a waffle maker, while 10:00 pm might be bed linens or lingerie.

Holiday Shower

Each guest is assigned a holiday and her gift should be used at that holiday. For instance, handmade Christmas stockings for Christmas, Irish linen for St. Patrick's Day or champagne glasses for New Year's.

Recipe Shower

Each guest brings a favorite recipe and the gift should be used to make that recipe. For instance, a favorite lasagna recipe might accompany a lasagna pan or pasta maker.

Wine Shower

For the couple that loves wine, here is a great way to build their wine collection. This works well as a couples shower. Each couple brings their favorite bottle of wine and everyone chips in for a wine rack and glasses!

Outdoor/Garage Shower

The idea behind this shower is to "get the men involved" in choosing gifts that the groom can appreciate as well. This also makes a great couples shower. Gift ideas include: yard tools, snow blowers, patio furniture and grilling equipment.