Wedding Planner - Month 1


It's always a good idea to "practice" your wedding ceremony--your mind will be in a million places on your wedding day and all eyes will be on you. The rehearsal also gives you and your wedding party a chance to visualize the ceremony and to spend time together socially.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your ceremony, this is the time to speak up. This is also a good time to review the wedding day logistics. Make sure everyone knows what they are doing and when it needs to be done. Settle any transportation issues.

The rehearsal dinner, if you choose to have one, is traditionally hosted by the groom's family. You and your fiancé may want to make suggestions to have it at a favorite restaurant. This dinner is the perfect time for special toasts and for family members to get to know one another. It is often your last social gathering until after your honeymoon. You can also present gifts to your husband-to-be and to your attendants/groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner. 


Confirm with florist, limo company, photographer, etc. and make sure they have the correct time and location of your wedding. Be prepared for inclement weather and make any necessary changes. For instance, if it's raining, you may want to change at the church instead of at home. And bring lots of umbrellas for your entire wedding party.

Have a friend "on-call" at the wedding to run any unexpected errands throughout the day. Give him or her a list of phone numbers for all your wedding services, such as photographer, caterer and florist, etc.

Have all payments handled ahead of time.

Pack a Bride's Emergency Kit. Here are some suggestions on what to include:

  • Bobby Pins 
  • Bandages 
  • Hair Spray 
  • Extra Pantyhose 
  • Makeup 
  • Needle and Thread 
  • Clear Nail Polish 
  • Fabric Glue 
  • Tissues 
  • Static Remover 
  • Breath Mints 
  • Safety Pins 
  • Clean Washcloth 
  • Small Scissors 
  • Antacid (for nervous stomach) 
  • Credit Card 

(Your groom should also pack a similar kit with his essentials.)