Diesel Pick-up Truck Diagnostic Transmissions

You have your 150hp tuner, your AFE stage 2 admission framework, the 5 exhaust and bigger injectors. In any case, what actions is such an excess of taking to your transmission? Here we’re not just going to talk about what causes transmission disappointment, yet additionally what you can do to forestall it.  Warmth is probably the greatest reason for transmission disappointment. The liquid in your trans. can reach in abundance of 250E. That sort of warmth can harm your transmission in a short measure of time because of liquid breakdown. Typical working temperature ought to be about 175E to 200E and will get well over 100,000mi out of your stock trans. Numerous elite redesigns intended for towing and dashing make a lot of warmth. Stock transmissions will for the most part begin to slip around twofold the stock strength and force rating.

truck transmission repair

Your stock force converter and valve body is another feeble purpose of your transmission. Stock parts would not give enough strain to the grasp, groups, and other weight segments in adjusted and some stock applications. As the force is expanded over 550-600 lbs, the stock single circle converter will keep on slipping until the liquid (between the grip and top) either overheats, or is gone. At the point when this occurs, the grasp material consumes off and holds up itself in the trans and cooling lines. After some time this will abbreviate the life of your truck transmission repair. Organizations like ATS, BD Power and Banks have incredibly enhanced stock plan imperfections by planning items that help your truck run all the more effectively.

For instance, the five star force converter planned by ATS houses a licensed five-plate grip that disposes of slippage without raising line pressure. Likewise, the valve bodies are overhauled with bigger solenoids, first and second apparatus lock ups, and expanded line strain to boost load limit. Organizations, for example, ATS and BD offer units known as Trans-Command and Lockup Controller. These are planned with press button controls that permit the driver to choose the speed at which the converter grasp will draw in and separate; this gives you complete authority over your transmission. Such items additionally offer better increasing speed and cooler running, just as permitting the client to slow down or holdback (even without a fumes brake). On the off chance that a fumes brake is set up, the ATS Trans-Command can consequently control the brake and converter grip so power is not over-applied.

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