How to Boost Your Team’s Productivity with Training?

When you are training your recruiting consultants as a recruiting manager, you are most likely very interested in anything that will make your staff be more efficient. While a great deal of things like good time management, and implementing procedures can help you maintain your recruiting consultants working productively, what a lot of managers neglect to address is how effectively their staff utilize the time they spend actually talking to clients and candidates.

interview skills training

To the untrained eye the time a recruitment consultant spends on the telephone screening and interviewing applicants resembles working time spent on tasks that are crucial, and certainly not a drain on their own productivity, but how long is being wasted by asking the wrong questions rather than being really adept at drawing out the important info? That helps to determine if this is the candidate from heaven which will be easy to place.

Many recruiting consultants ask questions on autopilot, not modifying the point of questioning dynamically based on what the candidate is telling them. They also use entire lines of questions to discover about an individual’s current situation, their functioning aims, their reason for buying new job and their abilities when one, better thought out question would really help them get all this information. Inefficient interview questions do not only make your recruiters’ Jobs more time consuming and labour intensive, but could also put off great candidates.

A strong candidate searching for work in today’s latest job climate might be talking to a number of recruiters every day. Place yourself in their shoes; a robotic interviewing style that does not feel like it is getting to the heart of what they want may make them feel that this is not the recruitment service they want representing them with interview skills training. Bear in mind this to a candidate, being interviewed by a recruiter is not the same as being interviewed by an employer, and they can easily start to feel as though their time is being wasted.

This is why a great group training session which focuses on advanced interview skills, and which helps them identify their own weak areas and errors in addition to introducing them to more effective questions to attempt, can be the ideal way to immediately raise the standard of the interviews everyone on your team. Often, this sort of training may also provide a boost to enthusiasm also, as it forces the staff to examine a portion of their job which might have become regular in a new light. A brief training course that only takes them away from their jobs for a single day can be all it takes to correct any problems in their interviewing approaches, and help them function more effectively in this vital element of their job.

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